Ask These Questions to Your Personal Trainer

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Many of you must be concerned about your present shape of the body and therefore would like to undergo certain physical training to shape up your body. There may be plenty of gyms at South Bay, and you can ask the following questions to your trainer.

  1. How much time I need to spend in gym per week?

Any South Bay personal trainer will advice you to spend at least 3 days in a week at gym and do regular workout to see the desired result. As such, you are supposed to devote 150 minutes in moderate intensity cardio and 75 minutes with vigorous intensity within a week.

  1. Before the workout what should be eaten?

Ideally you must eat something before 1 hour when you start your workout. You must eat those foods that are easily digestible e.g. fruit, toast with peanut butter, yogurt. Do not eat too heavily. In case you want to do early morning exercise then prefer to do with empty stomach.

  1. After workout what should be eaten?

It is important to eat after an hour of training in order to feed your muscles. Take protein rich snacks and easily digestible carbohydrates. The next meal you must take after 1 to 2 hours. Take right quantity of nutritious food and avoid overeating.

  1. Why not do only cardio training?

Cardiovascular training is good for getting stronger lungs and hearts but it does not help in building muscles.

  1. How soon can I see results?

If you are consistently doing your workout then within 2 to 3 weeks you will get improvement in your energy levels and sleep. Slowly thereafter you will begin to notice changes in your body shape.

Get The Best Mats And Improve Your Game

golf on grass resambling mat

People, who are not able to afford the luxury of practicing golf on real grass, use golf hitting mats. Or maybe, the weather is just too harsh for practice. It’s necessary for you to buy a good enough mat for you to practice, but you need to know what to look for in a mat while choosing one. A great golf mat is really helpful when it comes to swing practices.

Choosing the right material

A Heavy Duty Mat is a rugged, thick and ample mat which provides you with a rubber base which provides your golf shots with extra precision and does not revamp your high impact shots. The mat won’t deform because of its high quality content. These are highly beneficial for people who own a hitting area and want a better striking platform.

green mat for golf

Essentials of a Golfing Mat

Even though the mats highly resemble each other, there are still many minute details to notice. Silicone mats provide you with smooth support help with the swings. Though, the mats come in detachable as well as stick to ground forms, one of the key points to notice while buying a mat is the quality of their base. The base should be composed of good quality rubber that shouldn’t break no matter how many times it is folded. The mat should be big enough for you to firmly adjust your feet on the ground and not lose balance while swinging. The bounce provided by these mats is more authentic which in turn is helpful In the betterment of your shots.


A Buying Guide To Dive Knives

dive fishing
Most of the scuba divers and snorkelers prefer to have dive knives with themselves for their personal protection. There are many kinds of threats that are present in open sea. These knives are the best for self protection and for many other purposes as well. There are many companies which are offering dive knife for sale that you can prefer to buy. So, if you are thinking of buying a dive knife for yourself, then mentioned below are few things that you need to consider first.

Serrated or plain edged: Serrated or plain edged knives are very popular among the divers, both the knives are very different from each other. Serrated knives are the knives that are used to cut stronger material with minimum effort such as ropes. Plain edged knives are the knives that are used to cut simple things which are fine.

Grip: Grip is another thing that you need to consider with these dive knives. Working under water is really difficult as the buoyancy of the water doesn’t allow you to keep stable and this is the reason why it is really important that you must get a strong yet comfortable grip on your knife so that you can cut things easily while underwater.

Blunt or Pointed tip: There are two versions of knives that are available, blunt or pointed tipped knives. You can choose any one of them according to your needs. Blunt pointed knives are best for cutting and slicing things, where as pointed tip knives are best for penetrating through the skin of any sea animal.

Benefit Your Kids With Junior Cricket Coaching For Teaching The Basic Skills

kid playing cricket

Many think cricket is a man’s game but, not many know that in England in British Empire, this game was played by women and kids. Now in the name of cricket there are many series that are played. This gives an advantage to all those players who weren’t selected for their national team but are good players. Training for cricket starts from childhood as it is a tough game and needs lot of training and practise.

Cricket coaching for juniors is essential to let them learn beforehand the skills required to become a good player. Right from holding a bat till spinning a ball, all needs excellence. Therefore, when you see your child is interested in cricket then, try getting them into a good institute that teaches them in a friendly and easy manner.

Cricket is considered to be a good sport for children to help them have some fun. There are many more ways in which it can be helpful for kids

  • Cricket is meant for everyone of any age or gender. Kids play cricket with fun and enjoy every activity around it.
  • It helps in improving stamina and builds a fit and flexible body. Also maintaining a good hand and eye coordination.
  • It helps even introvert children to make friends in such social events.
  • It helps them learn good things like respecting other team members, being a good sportsman and team bonding.

Young age is all about having fun. If cricket is the mode of letting kids enjoy their life in an active way, then be it.

How To Hunt Down The Pheasant?

Hunting is always considered as one of the most adventurous activities that one can do for having extreme fun in their life. However, nowadays hunting is not allowed in many places but there are still places that provide you best pheasant hunting experience. Kansas is a place where you can have the best pheasant hunting experience. Pheasant hunts in Kansas can be the best experience of your life, there are several service providers that provide a wide range of packages and amenities such as bird dogs, shotguns, guide and much more. But if you want to enjoy the best experience of hunting then do it by yourself this is because it gives you more fun, excitement and satisfaction when you shoot the bird.

How to hunt down the bird?

Slow and calm – it is always advised that do everything very slowly and calmly whenever you find a bird. This is due to the fact that birds are very good at hearing and can recognize every bit of noise and if they think that there is danger then they hide quickly. That’s why it is advised that always make a slow and calm move.

Take time – hunting tests your patience level. It is not easy for anyone to wait for hours just to shoot one bird but successful hunters always do that. They always wait till the right moment before pulling the trigger. It is advised that always try to kill birds while they are flying because it is easier to shoot a flying bird than a bird that is running in zigzag direction.

Take experts – if you are new in the field of hunting then you can take any experienced hunter with you who can assist and guide you during hunting. They can also teach you to how to handle the shot gun and aim towards the pheasant so that you can kill the pheasant at one shot.

American Universities Giving Lots of Encouragement to Sportsman

Students from all over the world prefer USA for higher education, as top universities of the world are located in this country. Students enrolling in the universities can also apply for USA sports scholarships, as sport is highly encouraged in various universities of America. Students can also get very good coaching for their chosen sports, so that they can excel in this field along with their education as well.

The American universities also encourage their students to apply for USA sports scholarships, which will help them to get good sportsman along with the education that they provide. This also helps the university to generate revenue. If the student happens to be from a country other than the USA then they will certainly add value, as they will bring their own techniques obtained from their native country. International students also bring many different cultures of their country, which also adds value to the university.

The Universities also provide American coaches for the students, who participate in different sports. Coaches identify the needs of each and every student and provide necessary coaching according to the need of each student.

Most of the college staff also participates in various sports during their prime time. Some of them get plenty of recognition in their respective sports too. Therefore, the presence of such staff members will also complement the sporting environment of the university.

There are plenty of universities of America, which encourage various sportsmen in a different way by providing a number of benefits.